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From our launch last June we’ve been committed to helping people and planet and donating 20% of profits to do so, however as we haven’t become profitable yet, we’ve been donating anticipated profits instead.


Unfortunately we’ve had to come to the difficult decision (with our accountant) to pause the charitable initiative to ensure the business becomes financially more sustainable and eventually profitable. We're so proud to have donated over $1100 to charities below thanks to your support and hope you’ll understand the need for the hiatus.

Mental health is so important, yet unfortunately it still isn't spoken about as openly  as physical health and we'd love to change that, and support those having a tough time. Our 'People' charity is Waves of Wellness, who are a mental health charity that help those experiencing mental health challenges through surf therapy and education. 

It only seems fair to protect the natural environment that's beautiful, yet fragile. It's what we fell in love with and would love it if everyone spent more time exploring it. Our 'Planet' charity is The Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife, who invest in conservation projects to help preserve and protect our fragile environment.

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