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Grab a comfy chair because it's a bit of a read, but we think it's important. We’re not serious about too much here at Mister Timbuktu, but we’re pretty damn serious about sustainability. 



Historically the fashion industry hasn’t done such a great job looking after people or planet due to shoddy supply chains, but on the positive side we think it’s made a pretty good opportunity to create an impact and get the ball moving on industry wide change. We’ve invested in months and months of perfecting our supply chain, ensuring we look after both people and planet, whilst creating an amazing, sustainable product and we’re pretty damn proud of it. During our rigorous sourcing process we worked with numerous manufacturers and sampled and tested different recycled fabrics to find the best, in particular looking for reputable recycled fabric and quality manufacturers with certifications. One of our highest priorities is to minimise our environmental impact, by using the most sustainable materials available, working with the best manufacturers that are committed to the health, safety and happiness of their workers and ensuring everything is top notch along the way so we don’t destroy the environment we fell in love with and are so dependent upon.



It’s pretty amazing that we have the ability to turn trash to treasure. Our fabrics made from recycled materials, included single use plastic bottles, discarded fishing nets and ocean waste that would otherwise damage the environment. These innovative fabrics have a lighter footprint compared to conventional materials, saving precious natural resources and using less energy to produce in comparison. After collection plastic bottles are washed, cut into chips and melted down, with thread extracted before being woven into new fabric. And it’s nothing what you’d imagine plastic would feel like; it’s a high quality and durable material that’s silky and soft, breathable and comfortable.



 We strongly believe that everyone deserves access to a safe and healthy workplace, and as such we’ve chosen our manufacturers accordingly. We’ve personally visited all of our manufacturers, met the teams and checked out the working conditions to ensure they’re above board and we’d personally be happy working there. Our raincoat manufacturer located in Xiamen, China is BSCI certified, which is a social compliance initiative for work places auditing them on where they’re doing a good job and helping with areas in need of improvement. Our crop top and legging manufacturer located in Badung, Indonesia is a small family run company with some employees having worked there for over 25 years.



We donate 20% of our profits to people and planet based charities, because we think it’s the right thing to do to help those who need it most. We’ve partnered with two Australian charities, Waves of Wellness and the Foundation of National Parks and Wildlife. Waves of Wellness are a mental health charity that help those experiencing mental health challenges through surf therapy and education. Learn more about them here. The Foundation of National Parks and Wildlife invest in conservation projects to help preserve and protect our fragile environment. Learn more about them here. Get those good feels when you’re buying new outdoors apparel, knowing that you’re also helping these epic charities do good.



We know you didn’t sign up for an essay, but there’s a lot to talk about. So in brief what else do we do to ensure Mister Timbuktu is as sustainable as possible whilst minimizing its environmental impact? Unlike most brands we don’t individually wrap all of our garments for shipping, we’ve said no thank you full stop and instead our manufacturers either pop our product into cotton bags, or just one plastic bag per shipping box, saving literally hundreds of bags every order. The majority of our orders shipped to customers are sent in cardboard envelopes, again saving hundreds of single use plastic bags. And our thank you cards are made from 100% post consumer waste, which is another win for the planet.



The sustainability journey is exactly that, a journey. There’s no shortcut to a magical destination, but we’ll always be reviewing and improving our processes to implement even more innovative and sustainable solutions for reducing our impact. As we grow we’ll have the opportunity to create a larger impact and be able to implement new solutions and products that unfortunately as a small business aren’t viable due to large minimum order quantities.

Things on our wish list include all packaging to be not only recyclable but also 100% made from post consumer waste and for all garment trims to be sustainably sourced. There’s a long way to go for industry wide change, but we’re excited about the future and the impact we’re going to create. Thanks so much for your support!

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