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We've only got one planet so we think it's worth looking after. After spending months finding the best fabrics and makers we're proud of supply chain and sustainable efforts, but sustainability is an ever evolving journey so we'll always be improving.


Here's a snapshot of our efforts:

  • Material | We use material that is made from plastic bottles, fishing nets and other ocean waste. Not only are we turning trash to treasure, these fabrics also use less energy, water and chemicals to produce compared to conventional fabrics
  • Makers | We only work with manufacturers that we've determined to have safe, healthy work environments that we've personally met. Our raincoat manufacturer follows BSCI for social compliance, and our Legging & Crop Top manufacturer is a small family owned business
  • Giving Back | We believe it's only fair to give back to those who need it most so we donate 20% of profits to People and Planet based charities
  • Shipping | Typically every garment sent to a warehouse is individually packaged in single use plastic, we said no thanks to this and have them packed in cotton bags instead
  • Packaging | Again typically online orders are sent in single use mailing bags. We didn't want to create this waste, so we initially were shipping with cardboard envelopes but have since transitioned to biodegradable bags 
  • Paper | Paper is a good option as it's recyclable however a better option is using 100% post consumer waste, which is what our Thank You cards are made from

These steps may seem small, but they're important changes to make, when you consider how large the fashion industry is. Imagine what change would be made if all businesses made these changes. Read more about how we look after People & Planet and our efforts to Give Back.



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