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We’ve only got one planet and we think it’s worth looking after, with no compromise needed between style and sustainability despite the conventional fashion model of disregard for looking after people and planet.


We turn trash into treasure by saving plastics plastic bottles and fishing nets from oceans and landfill, recycling them into more sustainably made technical apparel and activewear. These fabrics are high quality and use less energy, water and chemicals to produce compared to traditional fabric making them the more environmentally friendly choice.


We try to eliminate single use plastics within the supply chain, removing them from the shipping process, and using home compostable mailing bags to send orders to you.


We spent a year finding the right makers and fabrics prior to launch, to ensure not only the highest product quality, but also to ensure ethical manufacturing and more environmentally friendly processes are undertaken at our factories. And we also visit our makers annually to keep a good relationship and say hi.


Our activewear fabric is woven in Italy and made from discard fishing nets, with with the garments sewn in Badung, Indonesia. Our Indonesian factory is a small family run factory with all workers receiving above minimum wage- commonly earning 7-9x minimum, in addition to superannuation, health care and paid leave.


Our jacket fabric is custom made in Taiwan from recycled plastic bottles, with the jackets sewn in Xiamen, China. Our Chinese factory follows the BSCI meaning we receive a detailed report about how the factory complies with health and safety, such as no child or forced labour, safe working conditions and employee benefits.


We want to encourage women to get outdoors and adventure more, not to be the fittest, fastest or best, but to do so for the fun, enjoyment and challenge of it. We believe everyone should adventure and want to build an inclusive community of adventurous women.


We believe in a future where all brands look after people and planet and one where recycling trash into fabric becomes the norm. Sustainability is a journey and not a destination which is why we’ll always continually improve and implement more sustainable materials and processes as soon as we can.

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